His first performance was so awful that his salary was immediately halved, and he was only kept on for a lack of any other actors.

Boris Karloff


The house had neither running water nor an inside lavatory, but, a curious light on the economics of the time, the family was able to afford a live-in maid.

Dwight D Eisenhower


The boy survived unharmed, and in 1795 Jenner took the next great step, which could quite conceivably have led to a murder charge. He started deliberately infecting people with smallpox for experimental purposes.

Edward Jenner


In 1903 Carter had to resign his position, following what the Dictionary of National Biography refers to drily as 'an incident with foreigners.'

Howard Carter


When it returned to earth, over a mile away, the local peasants, seeing a white sphere coming out of a black, stormy sky, thought that it was the moon crashing to earth and that the end of the world had come.

Joseph Montgolfier


It was a precarious life, one where it was not unknown for managers to abscond with the takings in the middle of the night, leaving the performers high and dry. It was rough and ready too, and not for nothing was Jesse James's brother Frank employed as a doorkeeper at one of the theatres Fields played.

W C Fields


Previously, this had been prepared from human urine, an unsatisfactory business in several ways, and on the establishment of the gasworks Macintosh made arrangements to buy his ammonia from them.

Charles Macintosh


One requirement at early air competitions was the ability to take off from, and land in, a freshly-ploughed field.

Igor Sikorsky


As he only earned $2.00 a week, while his board and lodging came to $3.50, he had to take a second job at a jeweller's, where he earned 50 cents a night cleaning and repairing watches.

Henry Ford